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Recently added just for you…

Here’s our top picks of all our latest merch!

Rick and Morty T-Shirt – £21.99, Rick and Morty Backpack – £46.99, Rick and Morty Watch – £38.99

Pusheen Shaped Coin Purse – £9.99, Pusheen Two Sided Plush – £36.99

The Nightmare Before Christmas Cosmetic Bag Set – £44.95, The Nightmare Before Christmas Charm Bracelet – £40.99, The Nightmare Before Christmas His and Hers Necklaces – £18.99

Don’t forget, we are constantly adding to our already awesome list of merchandise – so keep your eyes peeled over on our website!

Kitchenware to impress…

Check out our latest picks of the coolest kitchenware we have to offer…

Pusheen Rice Bowl with Chopsticks – £21.99


Star Wars Droid Cookie Jar – £24.99 each


The Lion King Organic Snack Box with Cutlery – £18.99

The Lion King Organic Snack Box with Cutlery

Heinz Tomato Soup Mug and Cosy – £11.95

Heinz Tomato Soup Mug and Cosy.jpg

Friends Central Perk Large Coffee Mug – £11.95

Friends Central Perk Large Coffee Mug


We’re back and in control after a Christmas full of carnage here at Retro Styler HQ!

Just before the mad rush started we added some awesome (and brand new) Pusheen goodies to our wonderful website…

1. Pusheen Rice Bowl with Chopsticks£21.99Pusheen Rice Bowl


2. Pusheen Pastel Ring Dish£10.95 each



3. Pusheen Pencil Holder£10.95

Pusheen Pencil Holder



4. Pusheen Mug and Coaster Set£18.99

Pusheen Mug and Coaster Set



5. Pusheen Mermaid Plush Bag Clip£11.95

Pusheen Mermaid Bag Clip

12 Days of Christmas Sale: Day 11

It’s day 11 of our awesome 12 Days of Christmas Sale which means your chance to receive awesome discount is nearly up

If you’re a bit late to the party, it just means you’ll get a cheeky 20% off a carefully selected brand.

Today, we’re offering you 20% off our *drum roll please* PUSHEEN range!


As long as you’re among the first 50 people to get to the checkout, your discount will be calculated and deducted automatically, so there’s no need to worry about annoying discount codes…

Happy Shopping! 🙂

Wallet and Purse Must-Haves…

Perfect for when you’re looking to splurge & treat yourself (or that special someone), wallets and purses make an awesome gift. Both practical and stylish, our cool collection of wallets and purses are sure to please…


Calling all Super Mario lovers!

Pictured here: Yoshi Hinge Purse (£14.99), Mario Black and White Wallet (£19.99), Super Mario Character Wallet (£19.99)


One for the Star Wars enthusiasts…

Pictured here: R2-D2 Wallet (£19.99), Orange Rebel Alliance Wallet (£17.95), Khaki Canvas Patches Wallet (£9.99)


For the heroes among us…

Pictured here: Batman Suit-Up Wallet (£19.99), The Flash Suit-Up Wallet (£19.99), Superman Suit-Up Wallet (£19.99)


And last but not least, the believers in girl power…

Pictured here: Smiley World Coin Purse (£5.99), Power Rangers Pink Purse (£29.99), Pusheen Plush Coin Purse (£9.95)

Stocking Filler Surprises…

Well it’s getting mental here at Retro Styler HQ with the Christmas rush well under-way, but I’ve taken the time out to give you a run down of all our brill products just added to our wonderfully Christmassy website (there’s snow and everything, it’s seriously cool…)

What would a blog post be without Pusheen? We’ve just added a load of new and awesome Pusheen goodies which make the puurrrfect stocking fillers…

Pictured here: Pusheen Door Stop (£21.95), Pusheen Ballpen with Topper (£4.95), Pusheen Hanging Decoration (£5.95), Pusheen Jigsaw Puzzle (£9.95)


We’re going mad for Rick and Morty merch too! Check out our latest must-have kitchenware…

Pictured here: Rick and Morty Get Schwifty Glass (£9.95), Rick and Morty Heat Change Mug (£11.95), Rick and Morty Shot Glass Set (£12.95)


Now one for all you stationery lovers, our selection of brand new premium notebooks…

Pictured here: Super Mario Bros A5 Notebook (£12.95), Deadpool A5 Notebook (£11.95), Doctor Who A5 Notebook (£12.95), Game of Thrones A5 Notebook (£11.95)


And now for just a random collection of bits and bobs I believe make the most amazing Secret Santa gifts that won’t break the bank…

Pictured here: Stormtrooper Mini Speaker (£25.95), Santa Egg Cup and Toast Cutter (£9.99), Polaroid Photo String Frame (£14.95), Pusheen Mystery Plush Box Series 5 (£8.99)

Our Top Lounge Wear Picks

Well, you don’t need me to sit here and tell you that it’s getting colder and darker out there. If you’re like me and you never need an excuse to treat yourself to new slob-wear, then this blog is perfect for you. I’ve compiled a short list of all our newest lounge wear goodies which are guaranteed to get you set for the colder months…


Cookies and lounge wear now live in perfect harmony thanks to this first item on our list. With a FAB Cookie Monster design, these brand new and quite frankly awesome lounge pants are wonderfully unisex, as long as you love cookies and chillin’, you qualify.

Cookie Monster Lounge Pants

Psst… Lounge pants make the perfect Christmas gift, so check out our range of lounge pants here.

If you are an avid follower of Finn’s adventures in the Land of Ooo, then you’ll love this set of Adventure Time Shortama PJs. With a bold Jake character themed design and being made from 100% cotton, this short and tee ensemble will have you cosying-on-down…



Although I highly doubt that Mick Jagger had one of these back in his hay-day, this Rolling Stones fleece dressing gown is the perfect way to express your love for the iconic rock band.

Complete with the instantly recognisable tongue logo, this dressing gown is fab for rocking out on the sofa.


So you’ve got the PJs and the dressing gown covered, what about those tootsies of yours?! Now for my favourite bit, the slippers and socks!

In my opinion, these Pusheen Mule Slippers are so adorable and perfect for squeezing your feet into after a hard day. If Pusheen ain’t your thang, maybe our Pikachu Boot Slippers or our Yoda Mule Slippers would be more up your street…

We have an awesome range of socks and slippers, check out the rest here.

The Best of Our New Bits

Here at Retro Styler HQ we are constantly evolving and adding even more cool merchandise to our already awesome stash. We don’t like to toot our own horn (too much) but we’ve put together a list of our top picks of all our favourite new pieces! Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or trying to get that all important Christmas shopping ticked off early, this list will help you grab the best goodies before they fly off the shelves…


Perfect for scribbling down those all-important ideas and plans, these Star Wars Sheaffer Fountain Pens combine sophisticated penmanship alongside your favourite Star Wars character for a match made in heaven. With a choice of wise Yoda, the goofy robo sidekick R2-D2 or the galaxy’s greatest dad Darth Vader, this fountain pen is sure to make a brilliant addition to your stationery collection.


We can’t get enough of good ol’ Groot here at Retro Styler, that’s why we’ve added yet another Groot inspired backpack to our stash. This Guardians of the Galaxy Groot Backpack comes complete with an adorable Groot design, one main zipped compartment and an additional smaller pocket. With enough space to stash all of your daily interplanetary tools, it’s guaranteed to please anyone who’s as obsessed with Groot as we are!


Now one for fanatics of the iconic Pulp Fiction movie, this Bad Mother F*cker Keyring is sure to remind everyone that you’re just that! Complete with a bold yellow design, this keyring is sure to add a cutting edge to your set of keys and grant you the moves of Mr Travolta.



Pusheen is everywhere and we are obsessed with this larger-than-life, lovable feline. We’re constantly checking out Pusheen’s awesome blog, filled with pictures, gifs and hilarious how-to’s.

If you love this grey tabby as much as us, then you’ll love our massive selection of only the very best Pusheen gear! From Pusheen straws, earmuffs and mugs to Christmas ornaments, we really do have it all. Surround yourself with Pusheen loveliness here and discover all of our wonderful goodies – we even have a Pusheen Super Jumbo Plush WOWZAS…


If nothing tickles your fancy on this list and you are a particularly hard creature to please, then I suggest you head to our website to check out our HUUUGE range of awesome officially licensed merchandise.

STILL not satisfied? Why not enter code NEW10 for a cheeky 10% off at the checkout? HAPPY NOW?!