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Why Do We Need Superheroes?

For anyone who thinks that superheroes and their films are just for kids looking for something fun to watch, think again!


  1. Superheroes let us all escape the mundane
  2. They give us hope and something to look up to
  3. Superheroes keep us grounded and remind of us of our morals
  4. They remind us of humanity’s best qualities
  5. They unleash our own potential

If you’re looking for some motivation, stick on your favourite superhero film and you’re sure to feel a little bit better about everything…

7 Interesting Facts About The Avengers

You might know these facts, you might not…

Why not grab a cuppa and learn something new (for a change…)?!


  1. The Wasp came up with the team’s name
  2. Marvel had The Avengers trademarked in 1970
  3. Captain America wasn’t part of the original clan
  4. The Avengers was released the same month as X-Men back in 1963
  5. Hulk’s buddy and Tony Stark’s butler are honorary Avengers members
  6. In 1984, David Letterman made an appearance in The Avengers
  7. A delay in sending Daredevil to the printers practically created the team

Pretty cool huh…


5 Keep Warm Must Haves

We’ve collected all of our top picks to keep you nice and snug through this chill…

  1. Men’s Marvel Hulk Comic Book Zoodie – £49.99

Hulk Zoodie

2. Pusheen Hot Water Bottle – £15.95


3. Heinz Tomato Soup Mug and Cosy – £11.95

Heinz Tomato Mug and Cosy

4. My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Socks – £11.95

My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Socks.jpg


5. GOTG Groot Dressing Gown – £31.95