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New Year, New You?

Well, 2018 is upon us and we have come up with 10 realistic resolutions that may just give you the boost you need to welcome in the New Year…

1. Gather photos – take one picture each month in a really interesting place

2. Break a record – I don’t mean sit on a vinyl, but you get the picture


3. Learn something new – pick up that instrument you’ve always wanted to play!

4. Try new food – force yourself to eat something new every week


5. Make the unusual the usual – challenge yourself to do something completely different at least once a month

6. Good deeds – put yourself out to help that old lady struggling with her shopping trolley… go on

7. Start saving – whether it be for that handbag, holiday or car, save up and TREAT YO’SELF


8. Quit the bad habits – whether that’s smoking, being too hard on yourself or eating too much chocolate, NOW is the time!

9. Let go of the phone – just put it down for at least 3 hours a day, it’s really not that hard…


10. A walk-a-day – make an effort to go on 1 walk everyday, it doesn’t have to be 5 hours long, 15 minutes will do just nicely!

And last but not least, concentrate on having a good one – whether you’re spending this New Year with family, friends, strangers down at the pub or just your cat – we wish you a very Happy New Year!


Our 12 Days of Christmas… With a Gift From Us

As of tomorrow, we will be posting everyday for the next 12 days – yep, it’s Retro Styler’s 12 Days of Christmas Sale.

Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Everyday for the next 12 days, we will be posting a different brand themed blog
  • Within this blog we will share our favourite must-have Christmas gifts
  • If any brands take your fancy, simply read the blog and click the link to shop the selected brand range
  • If you are among the first 50 shoppers to click buy, you will receive discount
  • You will receive 20% off the items you have selected from that brand on that day (which is automatically calculated and deducted at check out)it’s like our Christmas gift to you!

All you have to do is keep an eye out and shop with 20% off that selected brand… Pretty cool huh?!