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8 Fantastic Superhero Christmas Gifts

Superheroes are big this year, and look set to dominate our shopping lists for Christmas, whether for main gifts, stocking fillers or the office Secret Santa. Our favourite superheroes are influencing what we wear, what we read and what we play with, so pick your favourite and start browsing the extensive range available. Unleash your super power on these gifts and earn yourself lots of brownie points!

8 Fantastic Superhero Christmas Gifts 1

Arguably the ultimate superhero, Superman licensed gifts all have the very distinctive S shield logo in yellow and red. His iconic red cape sets him apart from other characters, and so our Superman Knee High Caped Socks provide more than just a cursory nod in his direction. They’re a must-have for any fan.

8 Fantastic Superhero Christmas Gifts 2Get your very own Batman call sign with our fun projection light. The signal can be seen from up to 8m away, and the beam can rotate a full 360 degrees. If you don’t need a dose of Bat-retribution, the light will also work as a reading lamp.

Batman v Superman

Any fan of the Batman v Superman movie will appreciate this distinctive Dawn of Justice combined logo of Superman’s S inside the bat wings, creating all the intensity you’d expect. This mug is a standard size and comes in a neat box ready to wrap and give as a gift.

Wonder Woman

Wear your heart on your sleeve and get your sassy on with these bold footless tights in fun turquoise blue, emblazoned with the reassuringly retro Wonder Woman logo. So much more interesting that boring black tights, these daring deniers will certainly make a statement!

Spider Man

8 Fantastic Superhero Christmas Gifts
Cufflinks are a great way to liven up a shirt, whether plan or patterned. Get your Spider Man cufflinks on your wrist, with a lovely red enamel against a silver frame.

The Avengers
8 Fantastic Superhero Christmas Gifts 3

Calling all Marvel fans – time’s up! Or at least it will be, once you have these seven Avengers favourites on the wall on this 24.5cm diameter wall clock. It comes with a twelve month manufacturer’s guarantee, though there is no guarantee that you won’t be late if you spend too much time simply looking at the detail on the images!

Iron Man

Keep your drink hot in this fantastic travel mug, made not out of iron but from more practical stainless steel. Get yourself ready to fight any evil in your day with your favourite tea or coffee in your hand!

Captain America

Show your tribal colours with confidence with these bold padded headphones. They fold away for storage and come with a handy travel pouch. The headphones come with their wire and microphone, and for peace of mind, they’re compatible with all devices, including Android and iOS, so you can be sure the headphones will work as a gift.

Whether it’s clothes, homeware, jewellery or toys, our superhero character range has something for all comic fans.

Our Top 10 Superhero Theme Tune Picks

We all have those days when we could do with a little extra kick up the backside to help us on our way, that’s why we’ve come up with these top theme tune picks that are guaranteed to make you feel like you can take on the world…

(FYI, these aren’t in any particular order, they’re just a few of our favourites…)
  1. Can You Dig It? – Iron Man 3
  2. First Class – X-Men
  3. Fireman – Iron Man
  4. Is She With You? – Batman v Superman
  5. The Avengers – The Avengers
  6. Molossus – Batman Begins
  7. What Are You Going To Do When You’re Not Saving The World? – Man of Steel
  8. Captain America – Captain America: The First Avenger
  9. The Batman Theme – Batman
  10. Theme From Superman – Superman

Have a cheeky listen to these and I can promise you that you’ll boss that exam or interview and feel like the don!


New Tech to Make You Smile

If you haven’t already guessed, we are up to our eyeballs in awesome new gadgets here at Retro Styler HQ, and all of our own minions are working extra hard to get these new products ready for you. So, here’s our selection of the freshest tech that will get your inner nerdy taste buds tingling!

First on our wonderful list are these awesome 8GB USB Flash Drives. JUST added to our website, these designs based on the classic The Simpsons characters are perfect for fans of the widely popular animated comedy!


Retailing at a fab £11.99, these lil guys are perfect for storing all of your important files and docs in one safe, handy place. Simply click here to choose from either Homer or Bart characters and enjoy their wide eyed, cheeky look whilst you drag yourself through that assignment…


Next on the top pick list are these awesome Tribe Batman Foldable Headphones. With a cool yet sleek Batman character themed design, these headphones incorporate a contemporary and stylish look with top quality audio, perfect for listening to your fave tunes or most recent podcast.

The headphones themselves are made with super soft cushions, which are adjustable, allowing for ultimate comfort wherever you are when you grace you ears with this delightful gadget! Not a huge fan of the intelligent, strong and admirable Superhero? (More fool you…) Here’s our selection of other awesome headphones available on our website now!



So, you’re sat at your desk with a freshly poured brew ready to be devoured, then your boss starts nagging right on cue and you have to watch that once hot cuppa turn to a stone cold mess… NEVER have to deal with a lukewarm cup of rosie lee again with this awesome solution.

Powered via your USB port on your PC or laptop device, these cup warmers are a serious game changer. With many designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect cup warmer to change your life forever – you can thank us later!



In my opinion, I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping this one till last. Brace yourself, this is an investment piece *cough* BUT it is bloody brilliant! This PowerUp FPV Paper Airplane VR Drone caused quite a stir when it arrived at Retro Styler HQ and I bet you can’t wait to find out why…


This epic creation is for those who have always wanted to yet failed to make their paper airplanes fly up high! This PowerUp FPV is the first ever paper airplane drone that comes complete with a live streaming camera. Producing its own Wi-Fi hotspot, it allows you to control its destiny whilst streaming all of the live footage to your smartphone…

With multiple templates included, you can design your plane in anyway you want to and with suitability for beginners and experienced pilots alike, this device is practically impossible to crash. This amazing gadget comes complete in a sleek presentation box, making it a truly special gift for any tech-obsessed nerds out there…



No matter what your budget is, we have a wide range of awesome gadgets that are perfect for you here at Retro Styler and with Christmas well on it’s way, and wish lists to write, you’d be daft not to check all of our other goodies out here.


How to Celebrate Your Fridays in Style…

It’s Friyaaay! And after a long, hard, busy week, what’s better than getting all dolled up and heading out on the town for a few drinks?! (In a responsible manner of course…)


I have kindly put together a super short list of all our favourite (and equally awesome) drinking accessories that are guaranteed to put a spring in the step of any party…

Okay, so you’ve mastered the art of beer pong, but are you ready to take up the challenge of this Shot Pong Party Drinking Game?! This one will definitely separate the drinkers from the sinkers as the odds are higher and the cups are A LOT smaller…


Beer pong a bit too mainstream for you? Want something a bit different to really surprise your guests? Check out this Battle Shots Party Drinking Gamewho can hold their sea legs and nerve steady enough to drown and sink their opponent? (Literally…)


No beard? No problem… Take a look at this awesome and quirky Beer’d Stein, perfect for all those guys (and maybe even girls) who have always tried, yet failed, to grow that hipster beard. Please your girlfriend or even just yourself as you sip away at your favourite beverage thinking about all of the other hipster activities you can now take part in…


Now one for the GoT fanatics… These Game of Thrones shot glasses are sure to liven up any prinks or party. Featuring Stark, Lannister, Targaryen and Tyrell designs, this set of four shot glasses will go down a treat as a party accompaniment or as the ultimate stocking-filler.



Did your party even happen if there’s no pictures to prove it? Spice up your Instagram feed with the help of this DC Originals Character Photobooth, and get your snaps looking ship shape as you take on the personas of the much loved DC Comics clan…


So there it is, a quick list of a few bits and bobs that will help get your Friyay celebrations well under way…